A downloadable game for Windows

A game made for the weekly game jam 95.

Use the machine to mix the ingredients before serving to the customers.


Cooking machine.zip 15 MB


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Interesting concept, had some trouble figuring out what I was doing at the start but I eventually got it. I like how the placements change every time, it'd be cool if there was some visual indication of what each table wants, like an icon showing over their heads (Rather than the table list).

I think you could remove the recipe list as well, if you took out the ordering of the ingredients. I tried to make a burger with the same ingredients but in a different order, but it didn't work. If this was actual cooking there would be an order to things, but I feel like the machine should handle that for you. Not knowing the recipes would mean you have to trial and error your way through things, which would add a more puzzle-y feel.

The food model seems to stack up, so if you have a bunch of stuff made it makes it hard to know what you're grabbing.

The mouse cursor seems really wonky. I believe there's a way to lock the cursor in place in Unity while still keeping the camera rotation.


Thank you for your feedback :)